desertify – A service that allows a restaurant to optimize table space during hours of operation

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Why desertify?

You & a buddy are hungry and take a trip to a restaurant. It’s just the 2 of you.

You enter the restaurant, and the there aren’t any 2 seaters. No worries, your waiters thinks quickly and seats you in a table of 4. Great!

Not so fast. 2 of the seats in your 4-seater are being unused. You & your friend might not care, but the restaurant is not using their  table space efficiently & thus losing out on potential profit ($$).

Let’s add another event to this scenario.

Say, like 2 minutes after you & your buddy enter, a group of 4 enters. Oh no, you & your friend took the last 4 seater. Now what? Well, the group of 4 decided to leave. Bam, the restaurant loses 4 customers.

In hindsight, your vision is 20/20. The restaurant could have asked you & your friend to simply wait till the next 2 seater becomes empty. Then when the group of 4 arrive, seat them at the free 4-seater.

But wait, how do we know *before* the fact, that this is an ideal solution for the restaurant? Simple, with a little probability/Math, we can make some smart decisions about seating customers to optimize our seating space.

It’s just an inefficiency , and we can easily bridge this gap. That’s what desertify attempts to achieve.

desertify takes 2 key inputs

  1. The seating capacity of each table & its quantity (i.e four 2-seaters, three 3-seaters, etc)

         * The key represents the seating capacity in terms of # of people
         * The value represents the quantity of the table
        const tablesAvailableTemplate = {
          2: 4,
          3: 3,
          4: 2,
          5: 2
  2. The average number of times per day each quantity of customers arrive (i.e groups of 4 arrive 15 times, groups of 2 arrive 20 times, etc)

       * The key represents the number of people in a group who enter a restaurant
       * The value represents the number of times a day a group of size [key] enters
      const arrivalNumbersDaily = {
          1: 5,
          2: 20,
          3: 20,
          4: 15,
          5: 10

With this, desertify derives all other calculations necessary to optimize the amount of table space a restaurant uses during hours of operation.

View the source for desertify


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